A Great Start!

The 2013-2014 school year at the DuBow Preschool is off to a great start!

We welcomed 12 new families and many new students.  It was great to welcome some of our families back, who have children who are preschool alumni and have now registered their younger siblings.  Thank you to all our parents who have reached out to welcome new parents to the school.  Several moms have shared with me that they have been so happy with our warm reception.  We also had a great turn-out for our first Shalom Baby class, a free playgroup for babies, toddlers and their loved ones!


In the first weeks of school, the teachers are busy getting to know the children, teaching them the routines of the classroom, helping them transition into the new year and assessing theIMG_3284ir developmental level and skills.  Careful observation and thoughtful assessing helps our teachers individualize instruction and develop activities and curricula to meet the needs of our children.  The teachers will be sharing their observations with parents over time and at regularly scheduled conferences.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak with your child’s teacher.

All classes started the year off by teaching the chilIMG_3253dren about Rosh Hashanah through stories, songs, crafts and yummy treats.  On Tuesday the children will enjoy apples and honey, thanks to our PTA.  IMG_3296



IMG_3273IMG_3287 IMG_3277Children from the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School frequented our classes, sounding the shofar.  Our children have blown the shofarot they made in class or in a simulation with their teachers.  “Wake up Jewish people!”  Each class has been making beautiful Rosh Hashanah cards and some have made honeydishes to adorn their holiday tables.  We look forward to celebrating the New Year together this week.  Will you join us?

Rosh Hashanah Day 1  9/5  & Day 2  9/6:  Family Service at 10 am- a fun interactive service for families with preschool aged children. Morah Rachel & Morah Miriam will lead Day 1 and I will lead with a special story by Emily Carpenter on Day 2.  (Please enter through the front JJC entrance, and meet us in the indoor playroom.)                                 *For those of you who signed up, you can drop off your child in the preschool to stay and play in “Preschool High Holiday Children Programming” anytime between 10 – 1:45 each day.  If your child will be staying during the noon hour, please pack a bag lunch, making sure it is kosher, dairy and nut free.

Tashlickh Service: 9/5 at 6:30 pm at the pond – a beautiful, musical service by the pond


On a different note, living in Florida means learning to live with inclement weather.  During the first week of school, shortly before the 12:30 carpool time, the weather radio in our office sounded an alert.  We were under a “Tornado Warning”.  The children were in the indoor playroom enjoying lunch, some parents were in the lobby, the carpool lane had a long line and our phone was ringing asking if we had heardthe warning.  I was about to begin our severe weather protocol.   Thankfully, the warning was lifted and we were able to continue, albeit with caution.

What if?

If the Tornado Warning had not been lifted, we would have used our preschool “all call” intercom system to inform teachers of the weather conditions and to ask them tomove the children to the nearest safe place.  Meanwhile, I would have informed parents who were waiting in their cars of the situation and asked them to come into the building to take cover.  We would have postponed carpool and the School Reach System would be activated to let families know of the situation.

Once the weather radio informed us of the lifting of the “Tornado Warning” we would have issued an all clear message and we would have continued with the carpool and the day’s activities.   

Had this occurred, I assure you that we would be ready to act and that your children would be in a secure place.  We practice for fire drills monthly, weather and lockdown drills regularly.  To learn more, read your DuBow Preschool Family Manual.  You may also call me with any questions or concerns.


Tornado Watch vs. Tornado Warning

Tornado Watch – let’s us know to be on the lookout for a possible tornado in the area & to be cautious

Tornado Warning – a notification that a tornado has been spotted or is denoted by radar in the area – YOU MUST TAKE COVER 



Inclement Weather Policy:  If Duval County Public Schools close – the Galinsky Academy schools close.


I look forward to a terrific school year and to watching your children blossom.

For LOTS of wonderful photos, visit our FLKR site each week!  You will find links to our photo site and the individual classroom blogs in our weekly “Preschool Connections” e-news each week.  I also encourage you to join our Facebook.

L’Shana Tova Umetuka,





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