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Toward the end of each year, parents are given an opportunity to anonymously share their thoughts and feelings about each area of our school’s operations.  My faculty and I use this feedback to reflect on our practices and strengthen our program.

It is now time to share these results with you.  First of all, the survey was completed by 41 parents vs. 34 last year.  Therefore more parents responded, which is good, next year we will strive to reach more parents so that the validity of the data is stronger.

Let’s move on to the data we collected this year!


We received feedback from parents in all age groups.  Hopefully, in the future we will receive more feedback from the many parents who enroll their children in our Kids Club, extended day programs (7-8:30 am and 3:30-6 pm).


Our retention rate is exceptional.  We have a few families who will be moving out of town.  We have a couple of other families who may be moving out of town and will find out this summer.  We hope they will be able to return!  Another wonderful statistic to share with you is that many of our families have chosen to continue in the Galinsky Academy by enrolling their child in kindergarten at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School or  in the kindergarten program at the Bernard and Alice Selevan Religious School.  For more details about this wonderful program, visit  or contact Lois Tompkins, the principal of Galinsky Academy’s religious school at 268-4200 ext.  145.


Our overall satisfaction rating is promising.  On a scale of 0-10, our average is a wonderful score of  9.  Last year we scored an 8.8.  I am happy to see that with a higher number of parents completing the parent survey this year, our satisfaction rating continued to be high– but we still have room to grow.


We are pleased with our overall high marks in all areas of operations, curriculum and administrative support.

This year families choosing the Full Day Preschool Program (8:30 – 3:30) and Year-Round Program continued to increase.

Children enrolled in our Full Day Preschool Program continued to benefit from the additional small group instruction, and by attending afternoon resource classes in music, art, PE and library at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School.   They enjoyed music weekly with Mr. Susman, P.E. with Coach Goldman, art with Mrs. Gutterman, library with Mrs. Halit and Judaica with Rabbi Lubliner, Rabbi Olitzky and Hazzan Holzer. 

So, how do we rate in the area of academics and how well prepared our students are for kindergarten?

Within the first 30 days of kindergarten, one of the requirements we must meet as a school who offers the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program, is to make sure our students undergo tests which measure their kindergarten readiness skills.  These scores are compared to all students in Florida entering kindergarten.  For the past 9 years, our VPK students have scored in the top percentiles of all students in the state and each year our school has earned an “A” !

The state of Florida requires that VPK teachers assess their students three times per year using the VPK assessment.  These scores are submitted to the state database.

I am thrilled with the results of the final assessment given in May, 2014.  Our VPK students are very well prepared.



Communication is extremely important.  Together we will make the most impact on your child’s progress when we communicate effectively.

We continue to have high marks in all areas of communication.  The area I will continue to work on with my faculty in the coming year is in providing consistent feedback on each child’s individual development.   We gather data on each child daily through observations, and evaluations using developmental checklists and age appropriate assessments.  This year we added the ASQ Developmental Assessment Tool.  Families were given feedback twice during the year based on this tool.   Each teacher creates a portfolio and shares the work samples, photos and anecdotal records with parents at conferences in the Fall and Spring.   We do not send home worksheets and samples each week as these methods are not the best approaches to teaching preschool aged children.  They learn through experiences and hands-on activities.  Often there is no product to share with the parent.  The children are making great gains in development; however, parents do not see concrete examples as they do in elementary school.  So, we will look for other means of sharing information on your child’s growth with you!


Kids Club provides care for our children before and after school.  We offer flexible schedules to meet our families’ needs.  Some of our children enjoy our morning “Breakfast Club” with Ms. Katherine and Ms. Robin.  These children are greeted early each day, eat breakfast, play, read, and prepare for the day of school to come. Many children stay with us after school.  This is a fun, yet structured time that provides enriching inside and outside activities and play.

I am pleased that 32 parents responded to this section of the survey this year and that the ratings were high.  We will continue to listen to your feedback, as we want to make this part of the day one that children look forward to and enjoy.

admin I take my role as the director of the preschool and early childhood department very seriously.   I am passionate about early childhood education and know that what we do in preschool can have lasting and positive impacts on a child’s development, and future learning.  It is my goal to build a relationship with each family so that I can help teachers meet the needs and expectations that each family has for their children.

When you enroll in our school, you and your child become part of our family and the larger Galinsky Academy and Jacksonville Jewish Center community.  We make a commitment to each family to help partner with you to help your child progress academically, socially, physically and spiritually.  I organize not only the preschool program but also work with our wonderful JJC clergy to offer many opportunities for our families to come together to bond, learn, pray, and build friendships.  I encourage you to come to our holiday programming, playgroups, Gan Shabbat, and other fun opportunities as they come.  My door is always open and I value your feedback, comments and suggestions.  Please feel free to contact me at any time at

Thank you to all the parents who took the time and care to fill out the Annual Parent Survey.   In addition to the multiple-choice questions, there were opportunities for open-ended responses.  They added an additional layer of depth; one which is difficult to summarize for a post like this.  But please know that all comments will be shared with those they concern as we use this data to make enhancements and improvements headed into next year.  Overall, we are very pleased with how satisfied our parents are with how the school is doing; however, we are always thoughtfully examining what we are doing, researching best practices, collaborating with the clergy and the many educational experts in the Galinsky Academy in our quest to continue to grow and strengthen our program. It is our desire to provide a solid foundation for our children, meet their individual needs and prepare them for a life long journey of learning.

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