Why Choose the DuBow Preschool For Your Child

Picking the best preschool for your child is important.   Finding that special, home away from home, a school that will partner with you to build a foundation upon which all future learning will be supported is essential.

So, what are parents asking when they tour the DuBow Preschool?


Q:   What qualifications do your teachers possess?

A: All our lead teachers are degreed professional educators, with early childhood teaching experience. Our assistant teachers are all trained and experienced. Our specialty teachers all possess specialized training and education. Our entire faculty is committed to ongoing professional development. Each teacher has individualized goals.   Our school is a learning community that values keeping current, and collaborating with each other and leaders in the early childhood field.


Q: What is a typical day like?

A: Each classroom has a daily schedule that includes both teacher structured learning experiences and time for children to explore, choose activities, and interact with their peers. The DuBow Preschool is an integrated early childhood program, where Jewish and general curriculum are woven together through the day. We believe in a hands-on, experiential approach to learning. Becoming self-reliant individuals who work well with others and strive to be mensches is valued, modeled and taught. Art, music, science, technology and literacy activities are embedded in play.   Group and individualized learning experiences assure that our children are well prepared for an academically advanced kindergarten program.


Q: What special programs do you provide?

A:   Each week our children, from one year olds through our VPK students, enjoy Jewish Studies, music, physical education and Discovery Studio specialty classes. Students who are enrolled in our Full Day Program also attend specialty classes at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School. This is one of the benefits of being part of the Galinsky Academy! Our preschool has access to wonderful resources at the such as a beautiful library, excellent technology, art studio, music class, and physical education all taught by the talented Martin J. Gottlieb Day School faculty. We also have very involved and fun clergy! Rabbi Lubliner, Hazzan Holzer and Rabbi Tilman teach, interact and join in weekly in our classrooms.


Q: What amenities does the DuBow Preschool offer?

A: We have a spacious state of the art facility that includes beautiful classrooms, large shaded playgrounds, multiple indoor and outdoor learning and play spaces, a Discovery science lab, organic garden, library, kitchen, daily hot lunch, and much more. Come see!


Q: How is discipline handled?

A: Our school has a unique Jewish Values curriculum made up of monthly themes that are taught, modeled, and practiced. Building a trusting, caring relationship with each child and helping the children build strong bonds is important to us. Children need to learn how to work out their problems. Team work and problem solving is encouraged and celebrated.


Q: Do you offer Florida’s Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program?

A: We have offered VPK’s tuition – free morning program to our families since the state of Florida created their program. We do this so that all in our community have the opportunity to send their children to an exemplary Jewish preschool. By offering VPK, we avail ourselves to excellent training for our teachers and many resources for the school and families. Our school has consistently scored in the top 2% of preschools who offer VPK.


Q: What makes the DuBow Preschool’s Tzeeporim – VPK so special?

  • 708 hours of school vs. 540 hours of school as mandated by the state
  • smaller class sizes of up to 16 vs. 20 students with 2 teachers
  • we offer daily specialty classes taught by trained professionals (Jewish Studies, Discovery Science Program, Music, Art, Library, Physical Education)
  • we are part of the Galinsky Academy and Jacksonville Jewish Center and thus have a wealth of resources and expertise that enriches our program


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